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Spot trades

Securing a rate today and settling the payment within two working days. All payments are sent Via SWIFT meaning in most major currencies the Beneficiary will receive funds same day, making it a flexible payment solution and time efficient option.

Forward contracts image

Forward contracts

A forward contract is a great tool to minimise your risk to currency fluctuation in the market.

You can fix an exchange rate for up to a year in advance, so you can protect your profits from currency fluctuations and take advantage of rates when in your favour. This is a great tool to make accurate forecasts around your costs and budget.

Market orders image

Market orders

We use these to help you achieve your desired rate (limit order) or protect against adverse currency movements (stop loss) with the use of One Cancel Other orders. If the market hits one specific level it will cancel the other order. These give you peace of mind to go about your everyday business knowing we have covered your exposure if the market hits these levels.

We can either notify you if it hits these levels or book the currency on your behalf with our banking partners.

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